African Women in Leadership Course

$ 5,000.00 Needed Donation

and LMTD Sponsors AfricanWomen in College Course for Leadership

In 2021, Let’s Make THE Difference sponsored their first group of women in the ALT Foundation’s 6-week course on African Women in Leadership and Well-Being. The course is offered through the University of Zambia. The six-week seminar focuses on pillars of leadership and well-being, giving practical and transformational tools for forgiveness and empowerment.  T

The message empowers women to create their life in spite of their past and/or current circumstances. “What’s possible shifts when you see things in a different context”, says Wendy Huffman, founder of LMTD. “If we can give these women distinctions to forgive, tools to create their life, and a determination to see a new kind of future; we have empowered them to change their world. No one can stop them!”

LMTD Women In Leadership

Ginger Johnson is a successful architect who volunteers as the Director of Women’s Leadership and development for LMTD. She has taken on the possibility of changing the lives of African women seriously. Choosing to personally sponsor many of the women, she interviewed each participant before and after the course. “Providing women around the world with the opportunity for equity; to participate and have ownership in their community and their own lives is what we are committed to,” Ginger says passionately.

Providing freedom of self-direction is at the heart of our latest women’s project. LMTD has created a new partnership with Kristin Van Wey of Let’s Empower, an existing organization teaching health education and reproductive freedom. A clever bracelet is used and designed to teach and demonstrate the natural cycles of family planning. You can read more about that effort at

The next African Women Leadership and Well-being course is starting June 4

We are raising funds now to sponsor at least 25 women with tuition and logistics; with computers, internet, and food. The results from the last course are in, and this course has changed many lives in Africa. We are excited to partner with the ALT Foundation to join in their movement to create powerful women leaders in Africa.