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Global Projects and Commitments

Global Projects and Commitments

LMTD is committed to supporting and creating community centers with access to technology and the internet to train and develop people of all ages. The internet can level the playing field and provide education, job opportunities, and advanced personal development training that builds confidence, resilience, and leadership.

Satellite Internet

The cost of data bundles is about $10 per day for a cell phone. In Zambia or in the refugee camps in Kenya, most people cannot afford to be online. The working wage is between $60 and $100 per month, and for a refugee not working, there is $14 in financial aid they are given to live on.

We can change that! If we give marginalized people access to technology, it will open new doors of opportunity for them. They can enroll in education, learn digital skills, and be reconnected to their families.

Reproductive Education

LMTD is partnering with Let’s Empower Women, which has been effectively teaching reproductive education around the globe with great success for 8 years.  Health Leaders are trained and lead courses teaching health, and empower and give both women and men knowledge to make planned choices about parenting and health.  A Lunar Essentials bracelet is an effective tool that teaches the menstrual cycle with a charm that moves along the beads following the stages of the cycle.

Women’s Leadership and Well-Being

LMTD is providing sponsorship for the Women’s college course offered by the University of Zambia. We are excited to partner with the ALT Foundation for the second offering that we will participate in. It is a 6-week course that gives examples of how to create living life powerfully in spite of the past or current circumstances. Focusing on tools to deal with relationships, self-care, and forgiveness, there are also challenges to live to make a difference in the lives of others. Our commitment is to raise funds for a minimum of 25 women to attend, providing tuition and internet bundles as well as food for the day. The women who complete the course will receive a certificate from the University of Zambia. Total funds needed for the 6-week course are $3060.

Advanced Leadership Training

The flagship course for leaders in LMTD is the Landmark Forum. The course establishes the foundation for effective and authentic communication, completing the past with tools to begin to lead others effectively. There are other trainings that LMTD offers, and we are always adding to the curricula, but the Landmark Forum was instrumental in the founder’s life and it is still the gold standard for personal development. The upcoming course is June 17, 2022, and we are raising funds now to sponsor as many as possible of the 154 people on the waiting list. The cost per person is $275 for tuition, internet, and food for 4 days.