In 2013, Bill and Wendy sold it all to travel the world. For two years they lived in 7 countries in South America, experiencing cultures and meeting wonderful people along the journey.

“We love to travel, we love people, we saw the greatness in everyone.”

The Trip To Africa

Family needs brought them back and they settled in Nashville, but Bill still wanted and needed to travel. He went on a trip traveling through Africa and stopped to volunteer in Zambia. Wherever he was, Bill & Wendy always talked daily, realizing how much good American dollars could do. It wouldn’t take much to improve the lives of orphans and abandoned kids that had little hope, providing education so they could get jobs. She promised she would work on a site or fundraiser, or something -when she had the time.

He met and spoke to the teachers at the Youth Community Training Center in Livingstone. Here is a link to his speech, Set Big Goals & Make A Difference:

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Two weeks later he had a fatal stroke, and as Wendy traveled there to say her final goodbye, her whole future took a dramatic turn. There she determined she would fulfill her promise to him, starting with the people he had met in Zambia. She raised $12,000 and flew 11 teachers, civic leaders, and school administrators to South Africa for a transformational leadership course. She met them there and developed life-long friendships.

The Next Chapter of LMTD

Let’s Make THE Difference (LMTD) went from a dream to a reality that year. LMTD has been providing leadership training and access to technology to rising leaders in Africa ever since. As of Spring 2022, we have sponsored 187 people in 5 leadership courses, purchased computers, help start or support NGO’s in multiple countries, and many other accomplishments.

Follow us / join us as we provide leadership education, economic opportunities, and access to technology. Many marginalized refugees are ambitious people looking for a chance. We give them what they need to impact change for their circumstances, their communities, and their world.

Why we are different

Working to connect nonprofits that are already making the difference with people willing to help, and developing rising leadership. LMTD looks for community outreach centers that are established and looks to see how we can support them. Education, technology, and training can empower and provide economic opportunities; a spotlight and a megaphone are all they need. These are people with an extraordinary commitment to make THE difference in their communities.

Our LMTD courses and events are not free, but for those who could never afford it, our training requires a promise to volunteer hours back to others in exchange for this life-altering education. They volunteer where they will get additional training that may assist them in future job searches. We teach efficiency and effectiveness skills, as well as problem-solving and conflict management.

We are teaching them to fish.