Economic Equity

What is Economic Equity?

Economic equity is what we consider leveling the playing field. People in lower-income and underserved areas have no access to technology and potential training that could change their lives. We’ve partnered with Kathy Wahenge at Business Plans in Action!  Courses offering business plan development as well as mentorship and microloans are becoming available as funding permits. We want all people to have an opportunity to create a different life.

We have over 100 participants in refugee camps in Kenya. LMTD is committed to finding a way for them to break the cycle of poverty that their circumstances have put them in. For a small amount of $1000 or less, they can start a business that can provide them with a chance to have economic independence. We teach people to fish!

Starting with a Plan

Our partner Kathy offers courses in business plan development that get to the core of their commitment. They go through training to think of the obstacles and challenges they will face. It’s helping people create a dream for a future that looks bright.

Here is the website for Business Plans In Action. Kathy helped me write the business plan not just for the nonprofit, but for my own business, and for each department as we developed it in LMTD. Please contact her if you’re ready to update and expand your business plan! And thank you for considering sponsoring a participant in Africa for creating their business plan for independence.

  • Course sponsorship
  • Business Plan $50
  • Microloans for current business focus:
  • Used clothing kiosk/stand: $650

There are also ongoing training for digital services. For LMTD to provide economic equity, internet, and in some cases computers are needed. LMTD has partnerships with several community centers and nonprofits in multiple countries that are training and hiring locals for online jobs. We will cover that more under Education and Technology causes.