To Level the playing field.
To provide resources for people in Africa to access education, empowerment and economic opportunities through online courses


We are currently raising funds to provide computers, internet services and Empowerment and self-development trainings to local nonprofits that provide services to their communities.


Connecting people who want transformative education and have no access to it with people that are committed to change the world.

Photo of Wendy Huffman with a group of people in Africa

Where We Focus

We currently have affiliations with Community Centers in Zambia, Gambia, Nairobi, Kenya and soon the Dominican Republic.

Who we Are

We are people with a crazy dream: to assist disadvantaged people around the world to be educated and empowered to participate in the global economy, to fulfill their dreams and transform their countries. We can do so much good there with so little! 

We are driven by a desire to provide equal opportunity

Most people in impoverished areas struggle with lack of technology and equipment.  We assist people in these areas with obtaining technology and training for empowerment, skills and economic choice!

Let’s work together to make the world a better place

Do you want to contribute your time, resources or connections to Let’s Make THE Difference?