Women’s Equity & Resiliency

LMTD provides a three-phase approach to women’s equity and resiliency. We achieve this by providing access to both personal and community development education and economic opportunities. As we create pathways to personal development, education, training, and teaching opportunities, there is an expansion of what women see is possible for their lives and what they can contribute.

We achieve women’s equity and resiliency by offering programs focusing on leadership, education, and equanimity.  There are also business planning classes and entrepreneurship for women’s financial education.

On a global level, we want everyone to be able to participate in life fully, prosper, reach their full potential and live their best lives.

Our projects include:

  1. Health and reproductive empowerment
  2. Anti-trafficking education
  3. Relationship transformation
  4. Financial responsibility
  5. Business or employment opportunities.


We are joining the cause to create Women entrepreneurs across the planet!

Our vision is to expand this GLOBALLY, giving ALL women on planet earth the opportunity for equity.  So that women know themselves to be humans who make a difference within their families, have a voice, and be able to contribute to their families.

We want women to see that they themselves can also impact the World and make THE difference!

Our partners in this goal are:

Let’s Empower!  Curriculum on the reproductive process and teaching of Lunar Bracelet Cycle tracking. Also has a trafficking curriculum and health education.